The Koreiva family is a dynasty of sovereign princes of Kreva, the Ancient Baltic kings, who ruled over a vast Baltic territory from the 5th through the 11th century with the locus of power located at the Castle of Kreva. Documents and DNA tests have confirmed that Prince Juozas Koreiva and his descendants are the legitimate heirs and successors of the Koreiva name and traditions as the kings of the Ancient Balts the Koreiva Royal Dynasty.

The Legion of Honour is a royal honour bestowed by the House of Koreiva as a mark of respect in the actions to uphold the memory of the Ancient Balts Kingdom of Koreiva.

1. The Legion may have its own flag, seal, letterform, and insignia. Slogan: "Living for something worth dying for".
2. Distinctions, ranks, and titles of the Legion of Honour may be conferred upon nationals of any country in the world for achievement and merit in all types of activities.
2.1. Distinctions, ranks, and titles of the Legion of Honour may be conferred for merit and support shown in the benefit of the House of Koreiva, the Royal Dynasty, the Baltic region, as well as friendship and peace among nations.
2.2. Distinctions, ranks, and titles of the Legion of Honour may be conferred upon Knights and Dames of any rank of the Dynastic Order of Koreiva.
3. Distinctions of the Legion of Honour.
3.1. Silver Medal of Honour.
3.2. Gold Medal of Honour.
3.3. Silver Star of Honour.
3.4. Gold Star of Honour.
4. Ranks of the Legion of Honour:
4.1. Legionnaire.
4.2. Sergeant.
4.3. Leutenant.
4.4. First Leutenant.
4.5. Capitan.
4.6. Major.
4.7. Colonel Leutenant.
4.8. Colonel.
4.9. General Major.
4.10. General Leutenant.
4.11. General Colonel.
4.12. General of Legion.
4.13. Marshall of Legion
5. Honorary titles conferred by the Legion of Honour.
5.1.1. Noble / Noble Dame.
5.1.2. Baron / Baroness.
5.1.3. Count / Countess.
5.1.4. Duke / Duchess.
5.2. For those who have not received a noble title are first conferred the title of Noble / Noble Dame. For those already holding the title of nobility, any title may be conferred.
5.3. Honorary titles are conferred for life and are not inheritable.
5.4. A title or status of nobility may be conferred for special merit and/or upon persons holding the highest rank of knighthood of any dynastic order of the Imperial and Royal House of Koreiva.
6. Both natural and legal persons may nominate candidates for the honour.
7. The distinction of the Legion of Honour shall be conferred by the President of the Imperial and Royal House of Koreiva, the Sovereign Prince (Crown Prince).
8. The honor awarded to the Imperial and Royal House of Koreiva is in line with the principles of the Fount of Honor.